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Pretend every day,
You're not dying inside,
That you're feeling all happy,
When they glance to the side.
When they look at you,
They assume you're alright.
When they go ahead,
And turn out the light.
Pretend that you're stable,
So everyone sees,
That you're strong and great,
So easy to please.
Fake your sanity,
So everyone thinks,
You contain no vulnerability.
Whenever someone looks in your eyes,
Try every time
To have strength to say,
"I'm perfectly fine."
Even when you're not,
Because half the time it's hard,
Because your heart really is,
All shattered to shards.
You're battered and bruised,
From head to your foot,
On the inside alone,
So no one can look.
You put on a smile,
Because you have to be strong.
The illusion you're setting,
Is totally wrong.
I have to pretend,
To he happy and fine,
So they have someone to lean on,
When they reach the time,
Where comfort is needed,
And when I can't supply,
They feel the pain,
Because I cannot lie.
Sometimes I break,
But I must hide my cracks,
Because I'm the glue,
Keeping people in tact.
I feel the strain,
Of every blow,
My glue is wearing thin,
With every throw.
I'm hit all the time,
By an invisible wall,
And I fear my dear friends,
I am starting to fall.
With depression set in,
Anxiety too,
I'm not quiet so sure,
How I can help you.
But sadly I have,
Set myself up for hurt,
Because I pretend I be strong,
Would could be worse.
I have a spout if crazy,
A spout if sad.
And a minute later I claim,
"It's not that bad."
I pretend that my pain,
Comes and then goes,
Like the tide of the sea,
On and on it drones.
But that is not true,
Not true at all,
My heart my dear friends,
Is very much small.
I took on too much,
With my pretend,
And now you don't know me,
Truly, my friends.
You know the false me,
With that big friendly smile,
But for the whole time you've known me,
I've lost many miles.
My tank is near empty,
My heart bursting now,
But even then I,
Must stick I my vow.
I forced myself to,
Pretend for so long,
My friends do not know me,
By my real song.
By my own false strength,
I am beaten so bad,
So bad in fact,
My emotion is sad.
A permanent weight,
I carry inside,
That's killing me,
Everyday in my terrible mind.
I can no longer pretend to be,
Strong willed and tough.
Because I have officially,
Lost all that stuff.
I just want comfort,
For once in my life,
From others outside,
Before I turn out my light.
I wish this could happen,
But sadly it can't,
Because my world relies on me,
Not being spent.
I'm running on empty,
But that can't be seen.
I'm running on nothing,
What could this mean?
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My heart is pounding.. Because I'm thinking about all of the bitch things I've done to or said to my friends and family. And there's a lot. I've yelled. I've blown off. I've been short, insensitive, distant, rude and everything bad. And I keep blaming it on the stuff in my life and not me. But now I'm thinking.. Maybe it's just my personality. I'm not joking. Maybe I'm just a really mean person and maybe that's why I don't keep friends for very long and why my mom always ignores me.. Maybe I just have a rotten rotten personality.
But I'm going to try to be better. I've been having a hard time showing my feelings about positive subjects lately and maybe that's because of things going on in my life but I need everyone to know.. That if I seem blah it's just because I'm thinking I care.. But my personality may cover that...
I'm sorry, guys...
You can ignore this journal if you want.
  • Mood: Tired
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I went to the FOB concert with my dad last night (thanks Alice's mom for the ticket). But I was sadly dissapointed. I was lonely. I was cold. I was wet. Everyone was smoking so I couldn't breath and my eyes were itchy. Before FOB came on, I was even crying. I wanted to go home. My dad had no interest whatsoever so I was basically all alone.
I had fun singing to FOB. I liked feeling the music bounce and vibrate in my chest and head. But I did not enjoy most of the concert.
I don't think I'm going to a concert again anytime soon unless I can get tickets for all of my friends so I'm not fucking alone.


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Avee Lordling
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To start off, I am an Otaku, nothing more, nothing less! I am proud of my craziness and will do anything for cosplay or "the fandom". If you want to know what "the fandom" is, it's quite simple my dear frond, all it is, is Homestuck. Well, not all it is..... HOMESTUCK IS AMAZING! It's one of my favorite things on Earth. I try my best at Homestuck voice acting and my most developed are Gamzee and Tavros (feferi, terezi, john, jade, etc.). I am a loud person so you better deal with it! That's pretty much it! Hope your ears didn't bleed from my yapping (if they did I will send Grell to collect your soul.).

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